Regional expressions

The following french expressions are an integral part of our everyday language. They are often so imbedded that we have trouble replacing them with the proper words!

  • À cause
    Can mean “why” and “because”, sometimes shortened to « a co’ ».
  • Cotteur
  • R’gard 
    From the verb “regarder”, to look.
  • Être d’adon
    To be agreeable as a person.
  • Faire simple
    To clown around to make people laugh or to bother them.
  • Grèye-toi
    Means “get ready/take something with you”.
    Ex.: “Grèye-toi, on part bientôt” (get ready we’re leaving soon) / ”Grèye-toi d’un marteau, on en aura besoin” (bring a coat, you may need it)
  • Jigon
    Refers to a someone who is slow witted or behind the times (clothing, habits).
  • Là là
    Typical regional interjection placed at the end of a sentence to emphasize. It is so imbedded that it is now more a habit than a punctuation.
  • Le Lac
    Almost automatically refers to Lake Saint-Jean.
  • Le Parc
    Parc des Laurentides, Laurentides Wildlife Reserve (route #175).
  • Le Petit Parc
    Part of the Parc des Laurentides road which leads to Lac-Saint-Jean (route #169).
  • Les Bleuets
    Nickname of regional residents referring to the importance and large quantities of the small fruit.
  • Saglac
    Short form for Saguenay–Lac-Saint-Jean.
  • Talle
    Refers to items found in huge quantities or volume, often used to designate an area where there are lots of blueberries.
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